Fishing Forecast for Swakopmund, Namibia


For those fishermen who enjoy fishing at sunrise and sunset here are the absolute best dates to be near the water at your favorite spot.

These are the Major or Minor Solunar Periods that fall near the times of Sunrise or Sunset during a Full or New Moon.

It has been documented that when this condition exists fish will bite on anything they see or smell. Limits are almost guaranteed provided there are fish in the vicinity.

It’s no secret that fish and game tend to feed during dawn and dusk (sunrise and sunset). What amplifies the activity is the effect of a moonrise or moonset plus the specific monthly periods of New (dark) and Full (light) Moons.

When the times coincide with a moon-rise or a moon-set the action can be spectacular.

Finally, a change in the local weather coinciding with the periods will further enhance the activity.